Lauren Conrad

The hot hair iron episodes of Lauren Conrad

There have been some really funny episodes of �The Hills� that involve flat irons of Lauren Conrad.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

In the first season, when Lauren Conrad arrives in her apartment, she receives a call for an Interview at the Teen Vogue and she uses a flat iron for removing wrinkles from a skirt. She points out that if she can use the flat iron to make her hair straight, then why she can�t use it on her skirt.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Fashion

In the third season also, she ruined a designer gown she was given for a party in Paris with her curling iron. Her hair curling iron made contact with the dress, burned it and stained it.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad looking Good

There have been rumors that Lauren was forced to pay for the expensive gown which she had ruined. Apart from that, she also had to beg for a new gown so that she could go to the ball.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lauren Conrad with Her Book

Although these episodes seem to be funny and exhilarating, they show how Lauren Conrad is used to her hot hair curling irons. After all, apart from the straight hair and ponytails, she has also been seen with some curls and bangs in her hair which must have been achieved with her curling irons only.

Lady Gaga

Hair of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

The Hills is a reality show broadcasted on MTV following the lives of many young people from Los Angeles, California. The show follows the story of Laguna Beach�s Lauren Conrad who will soon be replaced by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga which is her stage name.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Although she is a natural brunette, she has dyed her natural hair color since 2008 because she used to be frequently mistaken for her fellow song writer and singer, Amy Winehouse. It has been said that her original hair are mid-length and brown in color but ever since she has dyed it and become a blonde, she has become a famous personality.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lady Gaga on Stage

Although there have lots of arguments about her hair and most people wonder whether her hair is real or fake, her hair style is favorite among her fans and most people wish to have straight hair and bangs like her.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lady Gaga Style

Recently she went from short peroxide bob hair to long extensions with pink highlights. She was also seen with a GaGa twist of tower of plaits above her head which also became a famous hair style among her fans. With her beautiful hair styles gaining much popularity among the masses, let�s wonder how she shows up in �The Hills�.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lady Gaga Hairstyle

Lauren Conrad Hairstyle

Get Lauren�s Twisted Pullback Hairstyle

The most attractive thing about the Lauren Conrad�s hairstyle is that it keeps on changing with every episode. She never sticks to one particular hairstyle. Most importantly with every hairstyle she looks more beautiful and attractive. The hairstyles which she has so far looked best in are the twisted pullback, straight chic ponytail, pin straight and shiny, and wavy with side- bangs.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

If you want to have the twisted pullback hairstyle, it is very simple to get this hairstyle. You need to have some bobby pins, curling iron, and a hairspray. Get a blow- drying done to straight your hair, if you are having curly hair. To separate the hair into sections, you have to part your hair in the center.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Curly Hair

It is advisable first to do the bottom layers of the hair. Now finally, to curl your hair, hold a one- section and spray very lightly with the hairspray and then use a barrel curling iron in order to make the loose ringlets.

How To Adapt Lauren Conrad's hair

How to adapt Lauren Conrad's hair styles

Lauren Conrad seems to wear a wide variety of hair styles in �The Hills�. Sometimes, she is seen in straight and sleek hair while at other times, she adds waves and curls along the perimeters. She is also seen with pulled up hair into ponytail or just wrapped up in a messy bun. Sometimes, she also give bangs to her hair and smooth them back off her face to give herself a sleek bump of hair.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

If you are looking to achieve any of the hairstyles of Lauren Conrad, the first thing you have to do is to get your hair cut in one length, along with some light that layer around your face. Remember that Lauren Conrad�s hair is medium thick and has a very little amount of natural waves.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Long Hair

Although her face comes into the category of oval faces, her forehead is somewhat wider and you have to keep this in mind while copying her hair styles. One thing to say is that if you have a naturally straight kind hair, then copying Lauren�s hair styles will be much easier for you than if you have curly hair.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Fashion

Different types of styling products, hot curlers and irons will also be required to give yourself a Lauren Conrad look.

Lady Gaga Make up Tips

Lady Gaga make up tip

The personal style of Lady Gaga is not for the faint hearted people and there is nothing subtle about her face. From her thick fake eye lashes to her blunt hair styles, she looks as if she is coming right from a cabaret or a doll aisle from a toy store.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lady Gaga Hairstyle

The lipstick collection of Lady Gaga may range from pale frosted pinks to bright rouges. Layer it on with a gloss so that attention is called for on your luscious lips. This style applying lipstick will give you a coveted effect of a doll face.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lady Gaga Fashion

As far as the hair of Lady Gaga is concerned, you will have to get your hair bleached, no matter you are a brunette, go to a wig store to try some blunt hair styles that your hair stylist can bleach, without damaging your real hair. Apart from that, keep a look on new hair styles of Lady Gaga and try to sport them from time to time.

Girls from �The Hills� and their style statement

Girls from �The Hills� and their ...

Want to sport a Whitney or Lauren braided hairstyle? It is simple to do. To style your hair like Lauren, part hair to either side of your head and from the front side, take about an inch thick section of hair and braid it. Do not braid the full length of hair. Braid just half of it. The styling is almost there, now sport a band and get that ultimate drop dead gorgeous look.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: "The Hills" Beach Fashion

Whitney�s look too is simple and chic. What more, you can do it to your hair too. All you need to do is to part your hair in the centre. On both the sides of your head take about one inch section and make them into a braid.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Girls from "The Hills"

The braided sections are now to be pulled together and tied at the ends at the back of your head. This explains that you too can get a nice hairdo in minutes that too without those sprays that stick to your hair forever.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: The Girls on Mtv Party

�The Hills� star Lauren Conrad has also been seen with sexy updo�s and also loves soft curls. This look too is easy to get. You just need hot or cold rollers to get your hair into soft or heavy curls.

Cute hairstyles of girls from Mtv Show

Cute hairstyles of girls from �The Hills�

These super hot bikini girls woo men not only with their looks but also their lovely and cute hairstyles. This television series has given some big names to the Television industry and have made many women follow the hairstyles religiously.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Stephanie Pratt

May it be Lauren or Whitney; their braided locks make them look more adorable. While Lauren loves to sport a braid headband, Whitney loves the hippie look and does justice to it by sporting braids. It almost creates a hairstyle that looks like a headband. The girls are seen showing off their long hair.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: The Hills Girls

Lauren Conrad has also been spotted sporting curls and doing great justice to her looks. The hair highlights make adds a pinch of extra beauty. The show is great fun as you get to see their cute hairstyles and try them with your hair. While the girls love their hair, they do not like to spruce it up with more accessories.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Shoping

The plain look works the best for them. But if you are looking to style your hair in a more tasteful way, go for Audrina Patridge style for which you need big rollers, a rat tail comb, bobby pins and lots of hairspray. Use the tail comb and bobby pins to create the pouff and curl the rest of the heir with the help of rollers.

Hairstyle of Lauren Conrad

Hair Accessories of Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, playing herself in �The Hills�, the reality show for the past 3 seasons, she has made a huge number of fans for her charming looks and inventive hair styles.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lauren Conrad

As far as her hair styles are concerned, she seems to be a big fan of the head bands and has used several types of head bands throughout the shows of �The Hills�. Apart from that, Lauren Conrad also likes wearing her hair pulled back in different styles of ponytails and she has also been seen with some messy buns over her head.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lauren Conrad Street Fashion

The hair accessories that she uses when she wears stunning gowns in the shows, she looks extremely cool. She can also be seen sporting one or other accessories even in a casual look with a jeans and a simple top.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad with Ponytail

Being herself a fashion designer, Lauren Conrad always has a chic style associated with her and as far as her hair is concerned, she always seems to be working with the clothes that she is wearing.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Hair Accessories

She also takes care of the hair accessories she uses to beautify her straight hair and although her hair styles may be as simple as a ponytail, she looks so gracious with the hair accessories she uses to adorn it.

Different Hairstyles of Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag�s different Hairstyles

A popular television show �The Hills� is also notorious for the trendy hairstyles of it actress, including Hiedi Montag who is also famous for her villain role. She has a blonde, thick and naturally curly hair. She keeps on changing her hairstyle every season and that makes her the most stylish one. Some of her admired hairstyles are.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Heidi Montag

- Heidi�s summer�s hairstyle giving her a perfect look for the summers, leaving her blonde hair straight with few soft bends in it is goes well with her outfits and long and parting them from the centre make her look stylish.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Beautiful Heidi Montag

- By keeping them straight and parting them form the centre suits her personality and look well on her formal outfit.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Wavy Heidi Montag

- She gives a wavy look to her hair by keeping them straight on the top, few soft bends and layers in the bottom give a glance of movement to them. This hairstyle looks trendy with her stylish outfit.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Happy Couple

Her versatile hairstyles are very inspiring for those who are looking for a change in their looks. Adapting her hairstyle is not a difficult task; just make sure about your hair length and color matches up with her.

How to get Lauren Conrad

How to get Lauren Conrad�s straight hairstyles

How about getting a classic look by flaunting Lauren Conrad�s straight hairstyle? Surely you want to get it without spending much on them. To get the same hairstyle and boast around you simply have to follow some steps.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lauren Conrad Long Hairstyle

Because of the chemical processing, your hair gets dry, try diluting shampoo formula in order to protect the strands. For thin hair, use shampoo enriched in volume. You have to rinse well which will help the curls to have the natural shape.

Step 2: You are advised to towel blot strands and not to rub the wet hair as they are fragile and break easily. You have to detangle the strands from the end to the roots.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Beautiful Lauren Conrad

Step 3: For the straight hair use your cream or the straightening balm to the strands. Apply and equally distribute from top of the ears to the ends carefully.

Step 4: Blow dry the hair by separate hair in 2 sections, using a paddle brush in combination of a blow dryer. After drying hair, use barrel iron to remove hair ridges.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lauren Conrad Straight Hair

Step 5: Using hairspray, spray the style. Finally, use a drop of shine serum and rub over the hair to give them shine.

Different hairstyles of Lauren Conrad

Different Haircuts of Lauren Conrad

The actress from the famous show �The Hills�, Lauren Conrad every time sports a new hairstyle which sets a trendy style statement. This girl-next-door inspires many young girls by setting a wonderful hairstyle in every episode of her serial.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

Some of her best hairstyles which have created sensation among the youngsters are Rapunzel-esque waves, a low ponytail, twisted pullback, and a messy look. She has tried to give her hair a different highlights, partings, lowlights, texture and fringes. She has even tried changing her hair color from white beach blonde to sophisticated dark blonde.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Beautiful Lauren Conrad

Mostly she sports different hairstyles but appears with mostly one length with just little light layering around her beautiful face. The layering is that of the medium thick with a very small amount of the natural wave.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Long Hairstyle

Whatever is the hairstyle Lauren is having, the best part is that all these hairstyles look perfect on her and she looks even more beautiful, smart and elegant than before.

Lauren Conrad Haircut

Lauren Conrad...

Lauren Conrad started with her reality TV series in a famous show Laguna Beach that also had Kristen Cavallari. Lauren Conrad is considered to be one of the best personalities on the television and even in the reality genre shows that are telecasted.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad when came to the first season of The Hills, her hair were long that transformed to very short in the season three of the reality show. Though she has not changed her hairstyle much, the only change came in the hair length and the color. The hair color that Lauren possessed at the first season was the white blonde that shifted to the darker blonde.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Hairstyle

At the show Lauren generally kept her long hair tied in a tangled and messy ponytail. With the changing trends, Lauren has also underwent the change in her hairstyle from the messy ponytails, Lauren changed her hairstyle and wore a shorter hairdo that has a mixture of various hairstyles that had variant textures, partings, lowlights, fringes and highlights.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Beautiful Lauren Conrad

In her short hairstyle, Lauren wears her hair in the short style that has a lot of curls that are kept in place using the bobbed pins along with the fringes that are swept at a side. This hairstyle looked more gorgeous with the gorgeous highlights.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Wavy Lauren Conrad

Generally, Lauren Conrad�s hair emerges to be of one length with a few light layers that are seen around the face. It is easier for the girls to have a hairstyle same as the Lauren�s hairstyle if they have hairs that have natural curls. Using the appropriate styling gel and the other styling products that can include the curling iron, it is possible for you to flaunt with the same hairstyle as Lauren Conrad.

Justin bobby Brescia

Justin bobby Brescia

Justin bobby is the hairstylist and the male model which was previously linked to the Audrina Patridge. The resident bad boy of the MTV show the hill is called by a nick name Justin bobby. It may be the T- shirt or the jeans Justin is not known for wearing the upscale clothing. He is mostly seen wearing a regular V-neck or the crew neck T-shirt worn with a pair of relaxed fit jeans is his perfect everyday clothing.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Justin bobby Brescia

Justin Bobby Brescia has embraced muck fashion. A very big part of the Justin fashion is connected to the grunge era of the music. You can say that his styles match to what Kurt Cobain or Eddie Vedder used to wear in their prime. Flannel shirts and the sweater are one of his ways. You can also be military inspired if you are following the fashion of Justin Brescia. Try out the black fitted military shirt with the snap buttons. For the Justin looks you can gold up the sleeves and wear some dog tags around your neck to get the pop look.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Justin and Audrina Patridge

Justin Bobby Brescia looks good in the stylish jacket that he wore in one of his campaigns as a part of his modeling career. The gray wool jacket had a wide collar an also was accessorized with the large black buttons. This gave him a very sophisticated look. He always wears the grunge inspired look which can also bee seen on the show. This look is easy to hold and also matches his personality

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner is an American reality television actor and model who is the son of the famous Olympic decathlon champion Brody Jenner and actress Linda Thompson. He started showing his talent on the fox reality show but this did not last for long.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner goes with the casual style. This handsome dude from the MTV show the hill is famous for his casual looks. Jenner has really good hair which make him look good in the hairstyles that he holds.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Brody Jenner Haircut

These days Jenner can be found in a haircut with little fringes that take the edges off slightly which makes the haircut look shorter. He is also wearing a beard which looks like a few days old but this really works for getting a total rugged strong look.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Brody

Brody is gifted with lots of curly hair in the top section of his head, which not only help him to add loftiness to his hairstyle, but to also add lots of quality. Even you can have this hairstyle in an easy way; you just have to set up by spraying a restrained amount of gel spray to the roots and mid lengths of your hair.

Lauren Conrad Fashion

Lauren Conrad Fashion

The actress from the famous MTV shows the hills Lauren Conrad is seen with many different hairstyles which form a new trend statement. The girl next door inspires the young girls with her different hairstyles. Some of her hairstyles have created sensation like the rapuzel-esque waves, a low ponytail, twisted pullback and a messy look.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Fashion

She has also tried on the different highlights, partings, lowlights, texture and the fringes on her hair. She has also changed the color of her hair from white bleach blonde to sophisticated dark blonde. Lauren Conrad is known to be the biggest trend setter in the fashion industry, she is very famous for her skirts and her fun and flirty looks.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad Hair

Lauren Conrad always dresses in a very feminine style. She has different dresses for different occasions like she owns the daytime dresses for work or hanging out with friends and shopping and she has the night time dresses which are made with mo9re richer fabrics and are with the deeper colors. Most of her dresses are low cut and they have plenty of draping.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyles: Lauren Conrad

She wears the baby doll dresses that have an empire waist or no waist in order to capture the look of Lauren Conrad. Many of the times the actress is seen with the metallic flip flops when she is shopping or hanging out with the friends. To give more casual looks to her dresses she wears the flip flop. With the evening dresses she prefers the high heel sandals

Latest Styles of Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Star of Mtv Tv Show

The likeable star of the MTV show �the HillsLauren Conrad is also an intern with the teen vogue and an upcoming fashion designer. This is the reason that the star Lauren Conrad has her own styling and designing tips. She is not new in the fashion world but she is trying on it for last four years. She makes all the styles personalized.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: New Lauren Conrad

The hills lady believes in having different styles which make her comfortable. She also has interest in matching up the two different styles to make something new. She keeps on trying with the new fashion techniques. She loves most of the rich and bold colors in most of her dresses.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lauren Conrad in Jeans

Lauren Conrad makes her collection that can be worn by people of any age and at any time. She makes her clothes look so comfortable that they can be easily carried on by anyone. Her main attention goes on the accessories going with the dresses. She likes to accessorize her dresses to make them look more stylish but simple at the same time.

The Hills-Fashion and Hairstyle: Lauren Conrad Poses with Dog

She believes in going with the styles that starts from the stylish basics. The hills star always looks amazing with the latest styles of her outlook. Her easiest trick to look good is that she makes it easy for tying her hair by wearing a hair band. She doesn�t have to worry about different hairstyles when she wears a hair band. Her latest fashion trends fall to be girly which will make a new trend in the girls.