Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, and Eva Longoria all chopped off their locks in the year 2008. Now it�s a whole new year and I can�t wait to see what they�re going to do next!

Fashion and beauty magazine Allure took to their website to talk about hairstyles for 2009. Check out what they� wrote abou

long Hair styles

When you stop and think about it, there are really only two nonsurgical ways that you can suddenly change your appearance. You can either get a stylish new haircut or you can give yourself a brand new hair color. Since it is impossible to glue your hair back on after it has been cut, I recommend you dye your hair the next time you need to change something in your life

2008 Ultra New Hairstyles

These are some of the new hairstyles for the second half of 2008 as worn by top models and celebrities around the world. Take a look at the hairstyle pictures below and see what suits your style. They are mostly easy to make hairdo's that you can do by yourself in your homes if you have the right hairstyling materials of course. Check them out

New Women's Hairstyles2008 Ultra New fringe Hairstyles For Women
New Women's Hairstyles2008 Ultra New runway Hairstyles For Women
New Women's Hairstyles2008 Ultra New braided Hairstyles For Women
New Women's Hairstyles2008 Ultra New Hairstyles For Women
New Women's Hairstyles2008 Ultra New curly Hairstyles For Women
New Women's Hairstyles2008 Ultra New celebrity Hairstyles For Women
New Women's Hairstyles

Curly Hair Styles Trends

Curly Hairstyles is for any occasion. Most people with straight hair envy people who are naturally born with curly hairs and viceversa. There are many hairstyles that you can do with a curly hair and it is an excellent way to add volume and thickness to your hair. You can use ringlets to add curls to your hair without muck work. Coloring your curly hair is a good way to add style and dimension to it too.

Check out these curly hairstyles below to see what you like!

2009 New Haircuts - Curly Hair Styles Trends

curly hair with long ban

2009 New Haircuts - wavy Curly Hair Styles Trend

New Hair Styles

If you are looking for a way to spice up your hair style and to try a new fashionable style without resorting to the Victoria Beckham pixie look then there are many things that you can do. A new style is not always limited to a radical new hair cut and can depend very much on other things as well

Wedding Hairstyles

Most brides make the mistake of loosing their personal identity when making hair and fashion choices for the wedding day. The most important thing to remember is to make sure you like what you choose for the wedding day. The first thing you have to do is discuss your wedding hairstyle with your stylist, perhaps some months prior to the big day. This is because some brides may need to grow their hair or to work towards a new hair color to achieve their perfect wedding hair style

Eva Longoria Long Hair

Welcome to the Best of All Hairstyles! In this site you will find the top 3 styles for each category listed above: short, medium, long, prom, updo, men's, wedding, extensions, bangs and layers. Follow the links on each page to see more great hairstyles for those categories.

There are many different hair styles available. The trick is to select the one that is right for you. Many different factors can affect the way your hair style looks on you. Weather or more specifically humidity, has a drastic effect on your hair style. If your hair is even slightly dry, the end result in humid weather is the dreaded frizz

Curly Hair Styles

Having curly hairstyles can be difficult to treat. It seems that people want hairstyles with curly hair and those with hair curly hairstyles want. The hairstyle can be a pain. One way to do this is curly hairstyles by going to your local store of beauty and make you make a permanent basis. Getting a permit in your hair, it will give a lot of bouncy curls and give more substance to your hair. Getting a permit to give you curl hairstyles took some good hair care too. If you live in a place where it is very dry, you may need to do extra spritzing. The hair needs a lot of volume, as a result, the upper part is slightly dry layers, and the neck level with the hole in the ear, it is cut on the sidelines. This leaves the back of the head looking quite lovely. The edges of side and top should be slightly feathers, so that the transition from top to curly layers contours is particularly sweet

New hair styles

A variety of hair styles, colors, and trends are growing in popularity for 2009. New hair styles for 2009 include hair of varying lengths, from curly and wavy to sleek and straight. Some of the old standbys from 2008 are still going to be popular in 2009.

The straight look is still in. The messy look and the shabby chic look are also still going strong. The soft wavy look is one new addition to the in list that has been growing in popularity this season.

This season, one of the hottest looks is a short cut. Not just any short cut though. The newest version of the short hair cut is longer layers and fringe in the front with the back cut in shorter, softer layers. The great thing about this style is that, even though it is short, you still have a variety of options when styling it. It can be worn straight and smooth for a more sophisticated look. If a more youthful and fun look is in the cards for your day, simply tousle the layers for a more wind blown, wavy look